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Podcast: Landing Pages for Lead Generation

"Web visitors spend just 8-seconds scanning your website landing page before they decide to leave," says Anne Holland, Publisher of MarketingSherpa

Anne and her team recently published the Landing Page Handbook which gives step-by-step instructions (based on proven data) on how get up to 40% more sales leads.  I read it and it is terrific!

I interviewed Anne Holland on how marketers can improve their landing page conversion rates and attract more sales leads. 

Show Agenda

  1. Why are landing pages such a hot topic?
  2. How exactly would you define a good landing page? 
  3. What are the essentials of great landing page design?
  4. How do you develop a compelling B2B landing page?
  5. What low budget tools can we use to measure landing pages?
  6. Other landing page resources? 

Listen to interview with Anne Holland (File size is 7.45 MB)

Show length (16:17 minutes)

Show notes
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  1. | #1

    Your reading list should include:

    “S.U.R.E.-Fire Direct Response Marketing” by Russell Kern, McGraw Hill.

    Kern is CEO of Kern Organization, Woodland Hills, CA.

  2. | #2

    This is a very useful podcast – thanks to Anne for lots of good stuff… our landing pages average about 30% for free stuff / permission marketing – but we can still do better!

  3. gagarin
  4. Ladd Woodland
    | #4

    I have been going through your older podcasts and I found this one interesting with good information. The only draw back is Anne Holland’s dismissive comments regarding designers and IT people. I’ll let the IT world speak up for themselves and focus on the role of design since I am an experienced designer focusing on corporate communications and brand image development.
    Many of Anne’s suggestions and tips regarding usability, readability, and content organization are in fact “design” issues. Design is not the practice of “making things pretty” as Anne suggests. Design is about creating solutions to specific problems and opportunities. We are all familiar with the term “garbage in, garbage out”. If you want a design that supports and expands your marketing efforts, the end goals and objectives need to be clearly defined. In other words don’t tell the designers to “make this look good”, tell them the piece needs to connect with this specific market segment and drive them to this specific activity, etc.
    My suggestion to marketing professionals is to work closely with the design team to develop compelling, effective and powerful communication tools to connect to the target audience.

    Ladd Woodland

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    Greetings Brian Carroll and company

    I have recently read your blog, and being in the same sector,was wondering if the largest event concerning lead generation marketing channels in europe might be of any interest to the users of this popular blog?

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