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Moving Marketing Leads to Sales Pipeline best practices data

A key challenge B2B lead generation is driving leads from the marketing funnel to the sales pipeline. MarketingSherpa just published a chart that shows which best practices are marketers NOT using to effectively manage their marketing-to-sales pipeline process. Check it out.


The one that stands to me is the last one, “have a process for handing leads back to marketing” when they are not sales ready. We call that lead reengagement and it’s a form of lead nurturing.

Lead reengagement is one of the most powerful ROI tools marketers have available to them. Why? You’re getting more out of the money you’ve already spent by going deeper within the opportunities you already have. It seems like common sense, but the reality is, I know of very few companies that think about it, because they assume it’s the salespeople’s job.

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What best pratices and processes do you think marketers should be doing to move more marketing generated leads to the sales pipeline?

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    Great post. I was just reading a post by Laura Ramos about new tools to support Sales & Marketing collaboration ( That posts is written from the ‘tools’-perspective, but mentions a lot of the same best practices.

    The importance of sales & marketing integration makes me wonder whether we’ll see responsibility for sales & marketing move to a single executive, rather than two (VP Sales & VP Marketing). What is your take?

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