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Cisco Video: Uncovering Trends and Best Practices in Lead Generation

This week I was in San Francisco doing a live, streamed presentation, Uncovering Trends and Best Practices in Lead Generation, for Cisco. It’s part of their on-going Partner Velocity Program which provides in-person events, in-depth resources, and online marketing tutorials to their value-added resellers worldwide.

I believe Cisco sets the standard for how to engage channel partners, and am honored that they asked me to share my ideas around where they need to focus their marketing attention and resources. In essence, smart marketers approach their work like a portfolio manager; they’re constantly thinking about and testing the optimal investment strategy.

In the playback below I examine how to make the best investments of marketing time, money and energy, and point out the areas where too many marketers are squandering opportunity and resources. I cover:

  • The latest trends in lead generation.
  • How to create buyer personas.
  • Social media as a lead generation tactic.
  • Steps to optimizing the B2B mix.
  • Guiding principles to effective B2B telemarketing.

Of course, I only had an hour to speak and each of these topics could be a webinar on their own. In fact, that’s precisely the case next week, considering the topic for the next B2B Lead Roundtable Webinar: Teleprospecting that Drives Sales-Ready Leads – How One Company Slashed Their Cost per Lead by More than Half.

What other points would you like me to expand on? Let me know; watch the broadcast replay and review Cisco’s excellent blog post about my presentation. I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. | #1

    Hi Brian,

    What could be interesting is how DM works with telemarketing (now that we have moved into the internet age of social media and e-mail) it would be interesting to hear how DM fits into the lead generation process coupled with telemarketing?

  2. | #2

    Hi, it’s great to see people still so enthusiastic about telemarketing and how it integrates with new technology.

    This is something I strongly believe in as opposed to a lot of new media companies who say the only way forward is online. To me integration of all media delivers results.

  3. | #3

    Thanks for the share on the lead generation video. It really is amazing how telemarketing can be integrated into updated and digital means of today.

  4. | #4

    We have been integrating telemarketing campaigns with email marketing and social media for years now. We know it makes us 75% more effective than just plain old telemarketing on its own.

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